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deno_kv_oauth + hono how to fetch data from google profile: state, plans, method names changing.

In code examples i found in internet, used methods which already not the part of deno_kv_oauth. 1. Is there examples how to manage data for case of google(actually i plan to implement use facebook for authentication too)? 2. Will the future versions of deno_kv_oauth have changes in method names and structure of the lib?...

Class properties being reset to undefined

Why is this happening? I have stepped through the debugger and no matter what, if I set a property in super() it gets reset to undefined

Check if class instance is instance of provided type

I have a function that dynamically loads a folder with ts files, initiates the classes in them and saves them. The function takes in a type for its return type like this load<T extends BaseInteraction>. But when i use DynamicClass instanceof T it says 'T' only refers to a type, but is being used as a value here.. is there a way to compare the class to the provided class?

Creating custom ops for deno_core that take in arrays and strucks

I am interested in creating custom ops for deno_core. I have one case where I want to take in a Vec<String> and return a Result that possibly includes my own custom enum type or struct as a result. Secondly I want to be able to pass my own custom struct to my op. What do I need to do to achieve this?...

How to disable DEBUG RS

The spam is insane and no one seems to have a clue how to nuke that
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Seeking help migrating from to Deno.Command with spawn

I have this code ```ts function wait<T>( time: number, msg?: T,...

How to access AsyncLocalStorage

Is importing from node:async_hooks the best way to use AsyncLocalStorage with Deno apps? Is there another alternative? Ideally I'd like to update to be more aligned with the Sentry Node SDK, but this is a blocker....

How to debug usage of deno_core?

I'm looking into an issue with the charming rust crate, where when trying to use echarts through deno_core to create a scatter plot, only 400 of the points are being generated. There is an issue filed here: Any info on how to enable logging to a file, or console? I've been stepping through the code, after changing dependencies to use local copy of deno_core, and I've ended up with a bunch of println's, but still not seeing how to simply enable logging to console. Nor have I seen where this 400 points limitation would be located. I've confirmed that the data being passed into deno does have the full 500 points in my local test. Also, when using echarts in wasm and html, all the data points are properly rendered. Only missing when using ImageRenderer, which is using deno. Is there some serde configured limitation?...

Astro 404 page not working

I'm deploying a static site built with Astro on Deno Deploy. With Astro, you can create a 404.astro page that will be used when a page is not found. This currently isn't working in Deno Deploy....

Full stack traces from tests

I've noticed that stack traces emitted from tests are limited to 7ish lines. However, many errors start deeper and it's tough to find the error line from test failure reports. Is there a way to tune the number of lines emitted from the test ERRORS section? Or ideally, could stack traces be truncated in a way that emits stack frames in files hosted in a Deno.cwd() dir/subdir (i.e. user's code)?...

Deno.cron scheduled to run once daily executes 6 times daily

I have a cron job on Deno deploy that is supposed to send a Telegram message daily at 5:00. Each day at 5:00, I receive 6 messages.

Cannot download deno

I tried to download deno by copy the link for windows powershell in deno's installation, but the system said the file does not exist. Do I have to implement anything beforehand and then use the command? Thank you...
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`deno run -A vite` doesn't work

Why do I need to use deno run -A npm:vite when I already have vite installed with deno add npm:vite? What is the point of deno add then?

.well-known/ for Fediverse integration

I'm trying to follow the instructions here: and am using Deploy and Fresh and not finding any good resources on how to do this. would love some tips or links. thanks!...

Deno jupyter installation fails

Hello. I am new to Deno. I am installing the Jupyter deno kernel and I fail with the following error. It looks childish. This command is from the official deno documentation. I’ve not found a solution on the internet for it. I understand that I need to disable the security option manually. But what exactly should I disable to install the Jupiter? Regards.
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Getting the client IP address with `deno serve`

I'm trying to get the IP address of the client when running declarative scripts through deno serve. It seems the fetch method only accepts the first request parameter, and if I expect and address the connInfo parameter, I get an Internal Server Error and a console output of TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'remoteAddr'). Are declarative scripts intended to not have access to this additional information? Or have I overlooked something?...