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Warning: Not implemented: ClientRequest.options.createConnection

Using Deno with the npm @twurple/x packages, the warning comes up when you start an eventsub listener, once for most of the subscriptions. Basic example on how to do that in the lib docs: (using websockets, which is also easier) Rarely using github and can't even login right now anyway, so maybe someone else can do that open an issue? Edit: As far as I can tell, everything still seems to work anyway, though....

JSX element implicitly has type 'any' because no interface 'JSX.IntrinsicElements' exists.

Hate to raise this issue again. VSCode updated today, and my project which hasn't had any issues in the past month now gets this error consistently. I've tried all the different flavors of fixing to no avail. Has anyone had this issue and successfully resolved it? I'm have a Fresh v1.6.8 project using preact.

@vercel/blob put function hangs in Deno Interestingly, the same snippet works just fine in Bun and Node. Any insights?...

Looking to delete a module from

I incorrectly setup a module and bound it to the wrong github repo. How can I delete my incorrectly configured module and bind it to the correct github repo?

Is there a workaround for the maximum number limit for getMany?

When using getMany, the maximum number of items is 10. Is there a workaround for this? If not, when using the list method, is it possible to set what to exclude?...

Looking for an alternative to x/deno_open

Hi 👋 I'm using the --unstable-hmr option with Deno and whenever I modify code and save, this library opens a new window! I'm looking for a library that checks if the basepath (http://localhost:3000) is already open, if it is open, it doesn't do anything, meaning if http://localhost:3000/something was open, it still won't do anything and only if http://localhost:3000 wasn't open it opens it in a new browser window.

Fresh: front end import map goes where?

hey team - I am trying to use threejs in my blog posts I am using this blog template: where would I put an import map for front end javascript module imports? I tried putting one in the PostPage function in [slug].tsx but I don't think it likes having JSON in the JSX ? error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: The module's source code could not be parsed: Expected '}', got ':' ...

Deploy Next JS app on Deno Deploy

I have recently seen that it was possilbe to deploy a Next JS app on deno deploy so I wanted to give it a try with the last version of Next JS (14)... I have use the default project configuration
Install Step : npm install...
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How to upgrade `import_map.json` package versions?

Hello, in node I used ncu to check for new package versions and automatically update the versions. Is there any utility for deno to scna my packages and check if there are new versions?

Help with usage of unsafe apis in webview_deno

Hello, basically I was wondering how to use the unsafeWindowHandle method. Could any simple examples be provided? thanks in advance! For more info:
KSBKin suka bakso4/11/2024

" Property 'openKv' doesn't exist on 'typeof Deno'. "

I just tried to make a simple chat web, but, when im trying to use Deno.openKv() the vscode says that openKv doesn't exist on 'typeof Deno', how to fix it? i have upgraded to 1.42.1 and have deno.unstable set to true
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Github Actions file_server with headers

Hello, I have my portfolio deployed in deno deploy (developed in Angular and I use Github Actions for the bundle and deploy), and I was interested in adding the header to my deploy.yml of my github actions Cache-Control: max-age=336000 locally I can use deno run -A -H "Cache-Control: max-age=336000"...

Deno Clean

Is there documentation or a utility to completely remove Deno from a system?
If not, what directories must be purged?...

How to import `deno.json`/`jsr` based module directly from github?

I have a fork of a project that uses deno.json/jsr scheme at And I want to import and use my fork as... ```ts...
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Deno not compiling npm packages

I encounter failure at my Deno project Github Action build site step. So it compiles well (right?) my Deno packages, some npm packages but not totally. I had to download manually with npm run some packages like linkify.js and punycode.js, is that normal?...
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Resetting forms with f-partial-nav

Is there a predefined way to reset inputs in forms with deactivated client navigation ? I have a form input that sends a post request and receives a partial that is appended to a list. It works well, except the input keeps the old value even after the request is processed, I'd like it to reset. (I know I can easily do this in js, but there might be declarative way to do it that I didnt see in the docs)...

How to go from a JS string[] to a C array of pointers

Hi, Trying to call a C function with FFI but struggling to covert a string[] to an array of pointers. Lets asume the following C function ```c void test_multi(int argc, const char * const *argv) { for (int i = 0; i < argc; i++) {...

Audit KV data in deno deploy

Hi, I use kivi extension to audit data in local KV. How could I do this in deno deploy ? I was used before to handle data like MongoDB. You could read, update, drop some data. ...

`declare module` doesn’t work

I was trying to declare a module like so:
declare module "*.scss";
declare module "*.scss";
RBRJ Budzyński4/8/2024

About jupyter once more: has anyone succeeded in making plots with plotly.js in a deno notebook?

What about Chart.js? I find both @observablehq/plot and vega-lite rather tedious to use....