Deno-native Nuxt.js?

The recent The State of Web Frameworks on Deno blogpost says under Nuxt:
"As with the other Node-centric frameworks in this list, we recommend using npm to manage dependencies and run local development scripts."
What are the particular reasons why this is still true, considering that npm: support is now stabilized? Is it the auto-imports which Deno can't handle? If so, would simply importing everything explicitly fix this already? In any case, will there be a time where the traditional "Node.js-native" frameworks the blogpost mentions can be ran 100% with Deno (for package management and all). Or is this already possible except maybe for maybe some minor issues here and there? .
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DAHDeno AI Helper9/20/2023
The documentation does not provide a specific reason why it recommends using npm to manage dependencies and run local development scripts for Node-centric frameworks like Nuxt.js, even with the stabilization of npm: support in Deno. It's possible that this recommendation is due to the fact that these frameworks were originally designed to work with Node.js and npm, and may have certain dependencies or features that are not fully compatible with Deno yet. As for your question about auto-imports, the documentation does not provide a clear answer. It's possible that manually importing everything could work, but without specific information from the documentation, it's hard to say for sure. Regarding your last question, the goal of Deno is to be as compatible as possible with Node.js and npm. The documentation mentions that we've been working on updates to allow Deno to easily import npm packages and make 80-90% of npm packages work in Deno. However, it doesn't specify whether this will include all features of "Node.js-native" frameworks like Nuxt.js. It's possible that there may still be some minor issues or incompatibilities. In conclusion, while Deno is making strides towards greater compatibility with Node.js and npm, it's recommended to continue using npm for managing dependencies and running local development scripts for Node-centric frameworks like Nuxt.js, until further notice. 🦕
KWKevin Whinnery9/20/2023
Hey there - you actually don’t technically need npm to use these frameworks - ultimately you can approximate all the same commands. But at least for now, I think a better DX for these frameworks is to use npm to run scripts and manage dependencies. Their docs describe using npm scripts, and sometimes they need Node-specific conventions (like always having all dev dependencies present in the node_modules folder). I think our next phase of npm compat work - now that Node package usually now work - is finding ways to buff out these DX rough edges.
BSBirk Skyum9/21/2023
@kevinwhinnery , sound like a great plan!
BSBirk Skyum9/21/2023
Regarding these rough edges of dx, in order to get an overview of the extend of issues swapping node/npm with deno for local dev, I've started screening a range of popular tools, and while they almost all have some issues, it seems like most just need a bit of attention to get the last mile.
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Great idea @birkskyum !!! I hope we get there soon!
KWKevin Whinnery9/21/2023
thanks @birkskyum - I agree I actually don't think we are super far on a lot of the popular frameworks

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