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Installation directory empty | Windows 10 | PowerShell installation using github guide

Good afternoon, I apologize if this was already covered, I doom scrolled through the posts but did not see anything similar to the issue I am having. As stated in the title, I am attempting to install deno on a Windows 10 machine by executing the irm command in powershell. I am running PS as administrator, I have also tried using winget on CMD and PS respectively (both with and without admin). Each time I do, I get the success message but I cannot execute any commands. Investigating the .deno/bin folder in C:\Users%MYNAME%.deno\bin it is empty. I am trying to get this running so that I can host an online session of Ocarina of Time with Ship of Harkinian. ----UPDATE---- I hope this is helpful, I found a workaround. I downloaded the source code, even then running through PowerShell to install was failing every single time... I finally managed to get it by executing the file included with the source code, and now I am FINALLY able to use it...
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I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble installing Deno on your Windows 10 machine. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the answer to your question in the official Deno documentation. From your message, it seems like you've tried multiple methods to install Deno, including using irm in PowerShell and winget in both Command Prompt and PowerShell. If the .deno/bin folder is empty after installation, it suggests that the installation process did not complete successfully or the executable was not placed in the expected directory. Since you've mentioned that you managed to get Deno running by executing the file included with the source code, it appears you've found a workaround. However, please note that is typically used for Unix-like environments and it's unusual that this would work on Windows unless you're using a compatibility layer like WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Please double-check the accuracy of the workaround you've described, as it's not based on the Deno documentation or standard installation procedures for Windows. For other users experiencing similar issues, the recommended installation method for Windows is using PowerShell and the iwr (Invoke-WebRequest) command as described in the Deno manual:
iwr -useb | iex
iwr -useb | iex
Make sure to run PowerShell as an administrator when executing this command. If the issue persists, it might be helpful to check if there are any antivirus or security settings that could be preventing the installation from completing correctly. For further assistance, you may want to reach out to the Deno community or check the GitHub issues for similar installation problems on Windows.