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How can I add a flag into Deno Deploy in production?

Hi, I am wondering how do I add a flag in production on Deno deploy if I want to enable a certain flag?
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Deno AI Helper
Hello! 🦕 To add a flag when deploying your Deno code to production with Deno Deploy, you can use the --prod flag to deploy directly to production. Here's an example command from the documentation:
deployctl deploy --prod --project=helloworld ...
deployctl deploy --prod --project=helloworld ...
This command deploys your project to production. If you have specific flags that you want to enable, you would typically include them in your deployctl command. However, if you're referring to runtime flags for the Deno runtime itself, it's important to note that Deno Deploy may not support all the same flags as the Deno CLI, as it is a managed environment with its own constraints. If you need to set specific configurations for your production environment, such as environment variables or other settings, you would handle that through the configuration of your project on Deno Deploy, not necessarily through CLI flags. If you have a specific flag in mind that you're trying to enable, could you provide more details? That way, I can give you more targeted advice. 🦕