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VS Code Settings

Looking for some help with VS Code settings. I just can't get rid of this error no matter what I do. Tried everything and read every github issue I could find.
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Deno AI Helper
I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with VS Code settings. Let's try to troubleshoot the issue step by step. 🦕 Firstly, ensure that you have the Deno extension installed in VS Code. If you haven't installed it yet, you can find it in the VS Code extensions marketplace. Once you have the extension installed, you'll want to make sure that Deno is enabled for your workspace. You can do this by opening the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P on macOS) and typing "Deno: Initialize Workspace Configuration". This will set up the necessary settings in your .vscode/settings.json file. If Deno is already enabled and you're still seeing errors, check the following: 1. TypeScript Project Diagnostics: The documentation mentions that you should ensure the VSCode configuration enableProjectDiagnostics, located in TypeScript › Tsserver › Experimental: Enable Project Diagnostics, is disabled. This setting allows the TypeScript language server to execute in the background and check the entire project at once, which can conflict with Deno's language server. 2. Deno Language Server Status: You can check what the Deno language server thinks is your current active configuration by using "Deno: Language Server Status" from the command palette. This will display a document from the language server with a section named "Workspace Configuration". This will provide you with what VSCode is reporting the configuration is to the language server. 3. Restart VSCode: If the "enable" is set to true in the enableProjectDiagnostics setting and the error message still persists, try restarting VSCode. Sometimes the extension that "mutes" the built-in TypeScript diagnostics for files may not work as designed until after a restart. If after trying these steps
Deno AI Helper
the issue persists, it's possible that you've encountered a bug. In that case, the documentation advises searching the issues and reporting a bug at Remember, the settings for Deno can be found in the VSCode settings panel under "Deno" or by manually editing the .vscode/settings.json file with the deno.enable setting. Let's try these steps and see if we can resolve the error. If you have any specific error messages or codes, feel free to share them as they can provide more context for troubleshooting.