nelly542mo ago

intergrating Flowbite with fresh

I want to intergrate Flowbite with Fresh. Any idea on the best way to go about this? And will I be losing anything in terms of speed if i use Flowbite?
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper2mo ago
I wasn't able to find the answer to your question in the official Deno documentation. However, integrating Flowbite with Fresh should be similar to integrating any other CSS framework or component library with a frontend framework. To integrate Flowbite with Fresh, you would typically include the Flowbite CSS and any necessary JavaScript in your Fresh project. This can be done by adding the Flowbite CDN links to the head of your HTML files or by installing Flowbite via npm and importing it into your project if you're using a build step that supports it. As for your second question regarding speed, using Flowbite or any external library can have an impact on performance, depending on how it's implemented and used. It's important to consider the size of the library and whether it could affect the load time of your web pages. However, without specific performance metrics, it's difficult to quantify the exact impact on speed. Please note that this advice is not based on the Deno documentation, and I would recommend double-checking the accuracy of this advice and testing the performance impact in your specific use case.
Kerim H
Kerim H2mo ago
I've not tried it but have you tried this
GitHub - khuongduybui/fresh-flowbite: Flowbite plugin for Deno Fresh
Flowbite plugin for Deno Fresh. Contribute to khuongduybui/fresh-flowbite development by creating an account on GitHub.
nelly542mo ago
I was consideidering this but it looks like it hasnt had any updates for some time