babakfp2mo ago

Good Back-end Framework?

Hi 👋 I'm looking for a back-end framework to use in my Deno project. I have tested a few, like Oak, Abc, and Hono. This is what I'm looking for: - Good Documentation: - - Documentation that is written by people who know how to write good documentation. Just because you have written documentation, it doesn't mean you know how to write good documentation. - - A good documentation website. It looks good. Has Dark Mode (I know, I'm using Dark Reader). Has Seach functionality (which seems to be something rare for some reason!). - - Written in easy and simple language. - - Step-by-step guides. - - A lot of simple and advanced examples. - - Includes 100% coverage jsDoc/tsDoc comments. Comments that explain things, rather than pointing to a potato and saying it's a potato. - Batteries included. I don't want to google how to do some stupid simple thing, I want everything to be included and well-documented so I can build what I want to create rather than wasting time and losing my mind. - - When I submit a form, I want this framework to handle schema validation with something like Zod/Valibot. - - I need it to handle multipart/form-data form data. I want it to be validated. I also want it to return UTF-8 (just text lol) instead of other stupid things. - - I need to be able to send back form submission errors to the front-end. I got tired of writing. Just something good. Most of these things are very easy to do with SvelteKit. I don't want to use Tauri + SvelteKit because they add a lot of crap and I just want to keep things simple. But it seems like I can't find proper tools in the Deno ecosystem! I'm honestly going to switch to other tools if I don't get any results. I have it built already but it's missing simple things like form error validation, etc.
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_Pear2mo ago
SvelteKit has api routes and form handlers, is that not sufficient? Or you're looking for something to use with tauri but without SvelteKit? I'm a bit confused.