Use Deno as a type checker for a front-end project?

Hey. I have a need to increase the speed of typechecking my frontend project. I'm not sure, but it seems Deno can do this faster than a regular node.js tsc? In any case, I haven’t been able to run typecheck yet. Now I got error: Expected a JavaScript or TypeScript module, but identified a Unknown module. Importing these types of modules is currently not supported. when I use css modules something like this: import styles from './Component.module.scss'; Is there a way to explain to Deno what "scss" is and what type it is? I tried adding something like declare module '*.scss' { const asset: Record<string, string>; export default asset; } in different ways, including directly in the component file, but the result remained unchanged. Or does all this make no sense, is it impossible to do, or will the speed of typecheck be comparable to a regular tsc?
marvinh.20d ago
Deno uses tsc internally for type checking. I doubt that you'll find any differences in speed compared to using tsc directly. Where Deno shines is running .ts/.tsx files which is a lot faster
Sergey K.20d ago
Thank you! I didn't know this. It probably would have been worth spending more time on research before experimenting.