How installing Silverbullet on deno

On the officle website of silverbullet they say we can install silver bullet on deno but i dont know how to do it can yo pls help me
Deno AI Helper40d ago
I apologize, but I wasn't able to find the answer to your question in the official Deno documentation. However, based on your message, if the official website of Silverbullet mentions that it can be installed on Deno, they should provide specific instructions on how to do so. Without the exact instructions from the Silverbullet documentation, I can only suggest a general approach that is commonly used for installing third-party modules in Deno: 1. Import the module directly in your Deno script using a URL pointing to the module file. This is typically done at the top of your Deno script file. For example:
import { Silverbullet } from '';
import { Silverbullet } from '';
2. Sometimes, you might need to install a command-line tool provided by the module. If Silverbullet provides a CLI tool, it might be installed using deno install command. For example:
deno install -n silverbullet
deno install -n silverbullet
Please note that the URLs provided above are placeholders and should be replaced with the actual URLs provided by the Silverbullet documentation. The advice provided here is not based on the Deno documentation, so I recommend double-checking the accuracy of this advice and consulting the official Silverbullet documentation or their support channels for the correct installation procedure.
Thomas40d ago
I found instructions for using it on Deno-Deploy on their github repo:
silverbullet/website/Install/Deno at main · silverbulletm...
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