npm install -D equivalent

I want to use drizzle-kit. npm install -D drizzle-kit but don't know how to get it work in Deno. I also want to be able to run it like pnpm drizzle-kit generate:pg
Mqx41d ago
You can use deno install file_to_install.ts to install a global script. You can use the tasks entry in your deno.json config in the root of your project to set tasks similar to the scripts entry in the package.json
shultz41d ago
I recommend installing it globally npm install -g drizzle-kit npm install -g drizzle-orm if generating via drizzle-kit, add to deno.json imports this: "drizzle-orm": "npm:drizzle-orm@0.30.1"
bidipeppercrap41d ago
will try, hope it works