How to modify HTTP cache folder

Hello, I'm using Astro framework with Deno and Directus, but after a while of the website running on my server, I get a deno_cache folder very big, weighting more than 10 Go. My server has a specific folder where it's allowed to have big folders but I need to change it instead of using the default folder Deno is using. From what I've seen in Deno code it's hardwritten here but I'm unsure, I do not know rust at all and just followed how the variable is used.
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cknight42d ago
You can change the cache directory with the DENO_DIR environment variable. See for more info.
Environment variables | Deno Docs
There are a few ways to use environment variables in Deno:
Ayfri42d ago
It's not the same cache In my environment my DENO_DIR is set to a different value than this folder Also the folder is named deno_cache