Best practice for releasing a deno package on GitHub

Is there a best practice for the release process of a Deno library on GitHub? I use semantic-release for node libraries. Automating the release & (publishing to can still be quite helpful for libraries.
NeTT44d ago
Iunno about automating release but publishing can be automated with CI
Thomas44d ago
I know how to publish. I am interested in automating the release process (which can be done with sematic-release in node). - Increase version in deno.json (depending on commit messages) - Create tag - Create release
GitHub - semantic-release/semantic-release: :package::rocket: Fully...
:package::rocket: Fully automated version management and package publishing - semantic-release/semantic-release
Thomas44d ago
@NeTT Interesting reaction. May I ask for your opinion on this? 😀
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