`.read()` method in `Deno.Conn` or `Deno.FsFile` in Deno 2.0

After Deno.Reader is removed in v2.0, will we still be able to use .read() method in Deno.Conn or Deno.FsFile?
iuioiua51d ago
Yep! The interface is being moved to std/io but the methods are staying. There’s been a little confusion around this so you’re not the only one 😅
David Luis51d ago
Thank you for your answer! :deno_thankyou:
Esente51d ago
Are they staying for good, or should we still try to move to ReadableStream?
iuioiua51d ago
They’re staying around for the foreseeable future. I’d try move to the Streams API if you care about web compatibility.