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Source generation for dependencies

Hello, I'm working on a source gen for a library (Node, Deno, Bun) and currently my idea was to override the default types of the library by replacing the file on the node_modules folder, however Deno does not use the node_modules folder so I'm not sure what alternative I have. I have noticed that Deno has a vendor command that puts the deps in a vendor/ dir, (but in my testing it creates a node_modules dir instead), would that be something helpful for what I'm trying to do? For context, the library by-default should ships with a complete interface object and then a CLI* would update those types based on a bunch of configs the CLI* (and runtime) reads adapting the types with the CLI* and the runtime objects, currently the library only does the runtime part and the DX is awful since TS does not have the context to know that the runtime wont have the proprieties. * = The CLI is what I'm trying to build
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