illhouseyou5mo ago

Deno AI Assistant - How Are You Built?

I'm interested to learn the architecture behind the Deno AI assistant. 1. What model(s) are used? 2. What Database is used? 3. Which deno packages are used? 4. Are there recommended tutorials on building something similar to the Deno AI Assistant? Thanks in advance.
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Antonio Sampaio
Antonio Sampaio5mo ago
I'm interested too
Kevin5mo ago
me too
cosbgn5mo ago
Doesn't really depend on deno you can use the openai SDK with also other models the rest (database/model-choice/vectors/etc) it's more a question on how you want to build your app, perhaps check the openai channel for some ideas and there are also many public github repos IMO just use fetch() and avoid all libraries like (langchain) etc. They almost only complicate things at the end
illhouseyou5mo ago
Thanks. I started working with langchain.js after watching the course on, but was hoping for a pure DENO experience. I'll try working with the Deno Open AI SDK next.