A syantax error which I can not decode

AMAaditya Mathur2/6/2024
I have attached 2 screenshots, describing the issue, i am using this api: https://docs.abstractapi.com/scrape Someone please tell what is the syntax error here
Abstract API
Web Scraping API - Abstract API
Abstract's Web Scraping API is a simple yet powerful REST API that is used to extract data from a given URL. To make a request, you simply include the target URL and your API key, and Abstract's API will return the data from that site.
No description
No description
Keep a couple of console.log before and after any JSON parsing you're doing and you'll find what went wrong In your case, you'd need console.log around line 3 and 9
AMAaditya Mathur2/6/2024
actually nothing is loggin in my console, i don't know why is it because the function is deployed on supabase
In Postman you need to change your request from GET to POST

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