Errors Deploying Fresh Project

I am new to Deno and working through the Fresh tutorial. I have reached the deployment section: https://fresh.deno.dev/docs/getting-started/deploy-to-production I get to the point where I get the “Finish setting up Fresh” page which instructs me to modify the .github/workflows/deploy.yml file to set the correct Project Name. I have completed this step and do a git push to trigger a deployment. 
I keep getting the error:
Error: APIError: The project you are requesting was not found, or you do not have access to view it.

x-deno-ray: 7ad849678d1b6035506f83a820418297
Error: APIError: The project you are requesting was not found, or you do not have access to view it.

x-deno-ray: 7ad849678d1b6035506f83a820418297
https://github.com/Krishna/GetFresh/actions/runs/7776339705/job/21203370416 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Deploy to production | Fresh docs
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DAHDeno AI Helper2/4/2024
It seems like you're encountering an issue with the GitHub Actions workflow when trying to deploy your Fresh project to Deno Deploy. The error message indicates that the project you are trying to deploy to either doesn't exist or you don't have the necessary permissions to access it. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue: 1. Check the Project Name: Ensure that the project name specified in the .github/workflows/deploy.yml file matches exactly with the name of the project you created on Deno Deploy. This is case-sensitive and must be exact. 2. Verify GitHub Integration: Make sure that you have correctly set up the GitHub integration on Deno Deploy. You should link your GitHub repository to your Deno Deploy project. This can be done in the "Git" tab of your project settings on the Deno Deploy dashboard. 3. Permissions: Confirm that the GitHub account you are using has the correct permissions to access the Deno Deploy project. If you are part of an organization or team, you might need to check if you have the right role to perform deployments. 4. Deno Deploy Project Exists: Double-check that the Deno Deploy project exists. If you've recently renamed or deleted the project, the GitHub Actions workflow will not be able to find it. 5. GitHub Secrets: If you are using secrets to store your Deno Deploy access token, ensure that they are correctly set up in your repository's settings under "Secrets". 6. Deno Deploy Access Token: If you are using an access token for Deno Deploy, make sure it is valid and has not expired. You can generate a new token from the Deno Deploy dashboard if necessary. 7. Check the x-deno-ray ID: The x-deno-ray ID provided in the error message is a unique identifier for the request that
DAHDeno AI Helper2/4/2024
failed. You can use this ID to get support from the Deno Deploy team if the above steps do not resolve your issue. If after checking all these points the problem persists, you might want to reach out to the Deno Deploy support with the x-deno-ray ID for further assistance. They should be able to provide more context on the error based on the request ID. Remember to keep your project name and any access tokens confidential when seeking support in public forums or channels. 🦕
@Krishna Your project needs to be linked to a GitHub repository. In Deno Deploy, go to your project settings > Git Integration and link the project in GitHub Action mode.
Thanks @marvinh. - that sorted out the issue.

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