folks running into this wiered issue on deploythe deployment is continuously failing

folks running into this wiered issue on deploy the deployment is continuously failing was working fine untill last evening any help or any articles i can refer on how to debug we have been using deno.deploy for a month now this is the error i am getting on deno gcp-asia-south1 [uncaught application error]: TypeError - ctx.request.body is not a function
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DAHDeno AI Helper2/1/2024
I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your deployment on Deno Deploy. Let's try to troubleshoot this step by step. First, it's important to check if there are any ongoing incidents or recent outages that might be affecting Deno Deploy services. You can usually find this information on the status page or recent post-mortems. According to the documentation, Deno has experienced outages in the past and has provided detailed post-mortems for these incidents. While these past incidents may not be directly related to your current issue, they can offer insights into common failure points and recovery steps. Here are some general steps you can take to debug your deployment issues: 1. Check Service Status: Visit denostatus.com to see if there are any ongoing issues with Deno Deploy that could be affecting your deployment. 2. Review Deployment Logs: Look at the logs for your deployment in the Deno Deploy dashboard. This can provide you with error messages or stack traces that can help identify the problem. 3. Examine Recent Changes: Consider any changes made to your codebase or configuration since the last successful deployment. Sometimes, a new commit might introduce an issue that wasn't present before. 4. Validate Dependencies: If your project relies on third-party modules, ensure that all dependencies are available and that there are no issues with the deno.land/x or deno.land/std registries. 5. Local Testing: Test your application locally using the Deno CLI to ensure it runs without errors. This can help isolate the problem to either your code or the deployment environment. 6. Resource Limits: Check if your application might be hitting any resource limits on Deno Deploy, such as memory or CPU usage. 7.
Deno Status
Real-time system status for Deno Deploy and other Deno web services
DAHDeno AI Helper2/1/2024
Contact Support: If you've gone through these steps and are still facing issues, consider reaching out for support. You can start a conversation on the Deno Discord or through the support channels provided by Deno. Remember, when making changes to debug, do so incrementally and redeploy to see if the issue persists. This way, you can isolate the cause more effectively. If you provide more specific error messages or behaviors you're observing, I might be able to offer more targeted advice. 🦕
this is working fine in my local setup but failing only when hosting it to deno-deploy

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