Hyma6mo ago

deno task start not runnning in Powershell.

This is the link of the tutorial I am following https://github.com/googleanalytics/ga4-tutorials?tab=readme-ov-file
GitHub - googleanalytics/ga4-tutorials
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper6mo ago
I apologize, but I wasn't able to find the answer to your question in the official Deno documentation. However, based on the information you've provided, if you're having trouble running deno task start in PowerShell, there might be a few things to check: 1. Ensure that you have Deno installed correctly and that it's added to your system's PATH. You can verify this by running deno --version in PowerShell. 2. Make sure that you are in the correct directory where your deno.json or deno.jsonc file is located, as this file should contain the definition of your tasks. 3. Check the deno.json or deno.jsonc file to ensure that the "start" task is defined properly. Please note that this advice is not based on the Deno documentation, and I would advise you to double-check the accuracy of the advice given. If the issue persists, you might want to seek help from the Deno community or check if there are any GitHub issues related to this problem in the Deno repository.
NeTT6mo ago
Can you give more details? What did you do? What were you expecting to happen? What happened?