Rust sdk register_actity_type

Hey, I am using the core_sdk in rust. I registered an activity, which should be able to consume following ts type: functionName: string, parameters: any, second: any (data attached in screenshot). My rust code: worker.register_activity("echo_activity", |_ctx: ActContext, parameters: Value| async move { (Value is from type of serde value) If I use the code above, parameters is just the data of second -> { "second": true}, so the last object in the array data is parsend into parameters. I also tried to use Vec<Value>, but then the activity just stuck and nothing happens. I also got no error and the workflow is also stuck in state Running
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What crate are you using?
deno_core = "0.249.0" oh nvm sorry I asked in wrong discord 😅 it's another library

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