kj-1010-14146mo ago

Remove Dependencies from `deno.lock` file

Hello, Somewhere in the code, I did import postgres from npm:postgres. This import is the written to deno.lock as dependencies. Now I don't use that library anymore. How do I remove this dependency from deno.lock file?
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper6mo ago
Hello! To remove an unused dependency from your deno.lock file, you'll need to manually update your code and regenerate the lock file. Here's a step-by-step guide based on the documentation: 1. Remove the unused import statement from your code. For example, delete the line import postgres from 'npm:postgres'; if it's no longer needed. 2. Delete the existing deno.lock file from your project directory. 3. Run your Deno application with the --lock=deno.lock --lock-write flags to generate a new lock file. This can be done by executing a command like deno run --lock=deno.lock --lock-write your_entry_file.ts. This process will create a new deno.lock file that only includes the dependencies that are currently being used in your code. Remember to backup your deno.lock file before deleting it, just in case you need to revert the changes. 🦕
cosmo2mo ago
With deno add , deno remove should comes to the deno land?
jordanbtucker2mo ago
deno add will add an entry to imports in deno.json, but it doesn't update deno.lock. That happens when you run deno run or deno cache. So, even if deno remove was a command, it wouldn't update deno.lock. Also, deno run and deno cache will write to deno.lock in an additive way. This is because you may have multiple entry points in your projects. If you use --lock-write like this: deno cache --lock-write mod.ts cli.ts, then Deno will rewrite deno.lock with only the imports from both mod.ts and cli.ts recursively. This is how you would remove npm:postgres from deno.lock. https://docs.deno.com/runtime/manual/basics/modules/integrity_checking