1481•6mo ago

How to set env variable for preview branch?

I'm getting just errors that they are missing
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper•6mo ago
According to the documentation, environment variables can be set through the project dashboard on Deno's website. Here are the steps: 1. Navigate to your project page. 2. Click on the Settings button. 3. Then click on Environment Variables from the sidebar. 4. Fill in the key/value fields for your environment variable. 5. Click on “Add” to add the environment variable to your project. A new production deployment will be created automatically with the new environment variables. These variables will be available to both production and preview deployments. Please note that currently, this is the only way to add an environment variable. Even if you deployed with deployctl or the Github integration, to add environment variables, you must do so from the project page UI. 🦕