Redirect which deno deploy instance is used?

My scenario is that I have one websocket connection on east4 and one on east5 and they need to be able to talk to each other. I did set up an in memory cache with broadcast channel but the data was too big for it to handle and it’s too big for deno kv. (It’s chunks of audio) Locally everything works ok as it’s all using the same server so I’m wondering if there is a way when establishing a connection I can override or re-direct which gcp deno deploy instance will be chosen?
This sounds like a good use case for using WebRTC instead. It is specifically designed to handle this sort of thing.
Yeah I thought about that , the data coming in is from a websocket on an external party that I don’t control. And to set up ICE servers and such would be a pain .. I could even store the audio into an s3 bucket and fetch it later but just seems all so counter intuitive as everything works fine so long as I’m able to connect to the same server 😒

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