Won't install `npm:@supabase/ssr`

I'm trying to build something with Fresh and Supabase and would like to use the @supabase/ssr package (which is still in beta). Deno won't load the package though, what am I doing wrong?
This submodule provides convenience helpers for implementing user authentication in your favorite framework.. Latest version: 0.0.10, last published: 2 months ago. Start using @supabase/ssr in your project by running npm i @supabase/ssr. There are 3 other projects in the npm registry using @supabase/ssr.
what is the error?
no-cache-npm, e.g. "Uncached or missing npm package". I ran deno cache -r --lock-write main.ts already Wait, might it be that I'm not yet using the supabase var I'm creating...?
Ok, now that I'm using it, I'm also getting an error in the terminal:
No description
supabase, not upabase
You've got to be kididng me. Although, to save my honour: That was just a direct import I added while debugging, I had it correctly in the import_map. So afterall, it was the fact that I didn't yet use the supabase I created so it was never on the deps tree (which makes total sense, d'uh...) 😃 Well, in any case, thanks alot, it's working now!

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