where would i go to report a minor bug in module search on deno.land ?

hi, i noticed a minor bug in module search on deno.land. it's easily replicable. where would i report it, please? thanks. the tag "frontend development" doesn't apply, but none of them did, and i'm not allowed to post without one. to be more specific, if you search for a particular uncommon term fsm , you see three results but should see two. my library jssm shows up as jssm and also as ./jssm, both of which resolve to the same details page.
DAHDeno AI Helper12/30/2023
Hello! If you've encountered a bug related to module search on deno.land, the best place to report it would be on the relevant GitHub repository. For issues with the deno.land website, you can report them to the deno_website2 repository on GitHub. Here's the process you can follow: 1. Visit the deno_website2 repository. 2. Check if the issue has already been reported by searching through the existing issues. 3. If the issue is new, create a new issue providing all the necessary details to replicate the bug, including steps to reproduce, expected behavior, and actual behavior. The Deno team appreciates contributions from the community, and reporting bugs is a valuable way to contribute. 🦕 Remember, when reporting the issue, provide as much detail as possible to help the maintainers understand and address the problem efficiently.
um. the repo that bot is redirecting people to was archived a year ago
looks like one actually wants https://github.com/denoland/website_feedback/
GitHub - denoland/website_feedback: For reporting issues & suggesti...
For reporting issues & suggestions for deno.com and deno.land - GitHub - denoland/website_feedback: For reporting issues & suggestions for deno.com and deno.land
reported as #58

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