LSP/VSCode stops working

I'm having issues in my fresh project time to time it stops working and I have to restart it or vscode, no sure why I did not happend before I'm using deno 1.39 and "deno.maxTsServerMemory": 10000 any suggestions?
DAHDeno AI Helper12/19/2023
It sounds like you're experiencing intermittent issues with the Deno Language Server Protocol (LSP) in Visual Studio Code. The documentation suggests a few things you can check when you encounter errors or issues with the Deno extension in VSCode: 1. Ensure Deno is enabled: Make sure that Deno is enabled for your workspace. You can check this by using the Deno: Language Server Status from the command palette, which will display the current active configuration as understood by the Deno language server. 2. Check VSCode Configuration: Verify that the enableProjectDiagnostics setting in VSCode is disabled. This setting is located in TypeScript › Tsserver › Experimental: Enable Project Diagnostics. If it's enabled, it might cause TypeScript language server to execute in the background and show errors even when Deno settings are correctly set. 3. Restart VSCode: Sometimes, simply restarting VSCode can resolve issues where the extension isn't functioning as expected. 4. Memory Configuration: You mentioned setting "deno.maxTsServerMemory": 10000. While the documentation does mention that you can configure the memory limit for the TypeScript server, it's worth noting that the default is 3GB. Setting it to a very high value like 10GB might not be necessary and could potentially lead to other issues if your system doesn't have sufficient resources. You might want to try reducing this value to something more conservative, like 3072 (which is 3GB), to see if that stabilizes the LSP. 5. Check for Bugs: If after trying the above steps the issue persists, it could be a bug that hasn't been encountered before. In such cases, searching the issues on the vscode_deno GitHub repository and reporting a new bug with
GitHub - denoland/vscode_deno: Visual Studio Code plugin for Deno
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DAHDeno AI Helper12/19/2023
details of your problem would be the next step. Remember to provide as much detail as possible when reporting an issue, including the Deno version, the VSCode Deno extension version, your operating system, and any logs or error messages you're seeing. 🦕
I think is due to gh copilot 🤔
Can you file an issue for that on the deno tracker?
On it

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