Using custom font using fresh and tailwindcss

Hello ! I recently followed this guide to switch to tailwindcss. I'm using a custom font that I include in my styles.css file using @import url('/fonts/herakles/stylesheet.css');. It works just fine in dev mode but when I try to build the project I get a file not found error as the tailwindcss plugin is searching my custom font in the _fresh/static/fonts/ not in static/fonts/... Does anyone know how can I change this behavior or copy my files in the _fresh/static/fonts/ directory before the build ?
Migrating to Tailwind | Fresh docs
Migrating from twind to Tailwind CSS
That is a bug and is something that is supposed to work. Can you file an issue for that here https://github.com/denoland/fresh/issues/new ? Just paste the discord message into the text box
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Done. thank you for the quick answer
Ah that commit is released as part of Fresh 1.6.1
Yes I was using Fresh 1.6.0, it works just fine now ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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