module not updating anymore

i have a module which is not updating anymore it seems to be stuck on version 1.5 i already have pushed several new tags and i also can see successfull deliveries on my github page but the module just does not update , i really dont want to spam the module space but if this problem gets not solved quickly i am forced to create another module which has the exact same content plus the new one... https://deno.land/x/handyhelpers@1.5 important to note is maybe also the fact that my module limit was reached with 15 module, got increased to 30 and then i reached it again, now i have a limit of 60 which is great so i can publish new modules but the module handyhelpers is stuck somehow...
DAHDeno AI Helper11/28/2023
It sounds like you're experiencing an issue with your module not updating on the Deno registry despite having successful deliveries on your GitHub page. According to the documentation, there are a few things you should check: 1. GitHub Webhook: Ensure that you have set up the GitHub Webhook correctly for your repository. The documentation mentions that publishing modules now works through a Webhook, which saves an immutable version of any git tagged code. If the Webhook is not correctly configured, it might not trigger the update on the Deno registry. 2. Git Tags: Verify that you are creating Git tags for your new releases. Only tagged versions are published on deno.land/x. If you're pushing new commits but not tagging them, they won't be reflected as new versions in the registry. 3. Module Name Restrictions: The documentation also notes that certain naming conventions must be followed. For example, consecutive underscores are not allowed in a module name. While this may not be the issue with your module, it's a good reminder to adhere to naming guidelines. 4. Size of the Repository: There's a mention in the documentation that if a repository is too large, it might cause issues with the update process. Ensure that your repository size is within acceptable limits. If you've checked all the above and the issue persists, the documentation suggests reaching out for support. Since you've mentioned that creating a new module with the same content is your last resort, I would recommend contacting Deno's support once more, providing them with all the details of the steps you've taken and the checks you've performed based on the documentation. Remember, it's important to avoid spamming the module space with duplicates, as this can clutter the registry and
i already contacted them via email several times this is why i started contacting on discord this is an example delivery, Request URL: https://api.deno.land/webhook/gh/handyhelpers Request method: POST Accept: / Content-Type: application/json User-Agent: GitHub-### X-GitHub-Event: create X-GitHub-Hook-ID: ### X-GitHub-Hook-Installation-Target-ID: ### X-GitHub-Hook-Installation-Target-Type: repository ok i see the status url and there it says module to large... well this should really be in front of the body or even inside the body itself i already overlooked this the second time, a webhook delivery with a 200 status is really confusing

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