How Can I Delete Deno???

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It seems like I have another version of Deno installed too! C:\Users\babak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WinGet\Links\deno.EXE Taking a look into it...
Delete every reference you find, you can also find theme with the where command that is also available in windows if I’m not mistaken The better is always WSL2 in windows. It’s available in the Windows store in different Linux distribution fashion like Ubuntu. I also recommend the new “Windows Terminal” also on the Windows Store
FIXED. I was getting this errors too: https://discord.com/channels/684898665143206084/684898665151594506/1177839541298663446 I click on the "Go to output" button, go to output view and find this path: C:\Users\babak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WinGet\Links\deno.EXE. I removed the deno.EXE file (it was a shortcut), so I also located the actual file and I removed the folder containing it (C:\Users\babak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WinGet\Packages\DenoLand.Deno_Microsoft.Winget.Source_8wekyb3d8bbwe). That was it. The reason that I had another installation of Deno is because when I was trying to install Deno, I tried all of the methods because they wasn't working for me... so 🙂
For other people looking into this, you may be able to uninstall Deno from here
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I thought you could just remove Deno from $PATH and delete the folder Users/.../deno or something

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