Ram Durga Sai
Ram Durga Sai7mo ago

How to Extensions in JSRuntime ?

Here's my function to create rt fn get_js_runtime() -> deno_core::JsRuntime { let extensions = vec![deno_console::init_ops_and_esm()]; let js_runtime = deno_core::JsRuntime::new( deno_core::RuntimeOptions { // No Module loading is supported module_loader: Some(Rc::new(deno_core::NoopModuleLoader)), extensions, ..Default::default() } ); js_runtime } I'm getting the error Following modules were not evaluated; make sure they are imported from other code: - ext:deno_console/01_console.js
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marvinh.7mo ago
The runtime folks are more active in #dev-core and #dev-rusty_v8 . You might get a better response there