Am I supposed to commit my vendor directory when deploying with the Github Action?

My deploy failed with the message "The deployment failed: import map not found at 'file:///src/vendor/import_map.json'". I didn't need to commit my vendor directory to do the Automatic deploy, am I supposed to commit it when using the Action?
DAHDeno AI Helper11/28/2023
The documentation does not provide a specific answer to whether you should commit your vendor directory when deploying with the Github Action. However, it's important to note that the Github Actions workflow operates on the state of your repository at the time of the triggering event (like a push). This means that if certain files or directories, such as your vendor directory, are not committed to your repository, they will not be available to the Github Actions workflow. The error message you're seeing suggests that the deployment is looking for an import map at 'file:///src/vendor/import_map.json', which it cannot find. If this file is part of your vendor directory and it's not committed to your repository, this could be the cause of the issue. While the documentation doesn't explicitly state this, it's generally a good practice to commit all the files that your application needs to run, unless there are reasons not to (like sensitive data or large binary files). If your vendor directory contains dependencies or other files necessary for your application, you might need to commit it. However, please note that this advice is not explicitly stated in the documentation, and you should consider other factors such as the size of the vendor directory and whether it contains any sensitive information.

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