using flexsearch

so flexsearch has a index.d.ts thats broken and hasn't been touched in 2ish years and instead you should use @types/flexsearch but i have no idea on how to override deps so i can use the Document interface
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One of the design principles of Deno is no non-standard module resolution. When
it did thanks! well i now have more issues? deno_emit seems to not like flexsearch's document class since it converts it to a instance of the dom document idk how to fix it it looks like deno's typehecker understands everything but deno_emit doesn't bundle flexsearch correctly could someone point me in the right direction on how to fix it?
do you have an example of what isn't working?
I ended up rewriting and using lunr which does work out of the box so yeah it seems flexsearch is undergoing a big rewrite and they aren't really maintaing it properly :/

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