rocketll8mo ago

Most complete Deno Rust runtime?

I’m trying to embed the Deno runtime into my Rust program. I’m looking for the most “complete” Deno runtime with TS transpilation, basic ops (fetch/console/fs/etc), imports, and most of the things a basic TS runtime would have. So far I only found: - deno_core and too much boilerplate - deno_runtime: no TS support - deno: no public facing API What would be my best option?
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper8mo ago
Based on the documentation, the deno_core crate is the primary component for embedding a JavaScript runtime into your Rust application. It provides a JsRuntime struct that encapsulates a V8 engine instance and allows integration with an event loop. However, as you mentioned, it might require more boilerplate code than you'd prefer. The deno crate, on the other hand, is the main repository that provides the deno CLI and includes TypeScript support out of the box, as well as a variety of built-in development tooling. However, the documentation does not mention a public facing API for this crate. Unfortunately, the documentation does not provide a clear answer to your question. It might be best to reach out to the Deno community or maintainers for more specific advice on this topic. 🦕
Nick8mo ago
I am looking to solve a very similar problem, did you happen to find a path forward?
mmastrac8mo ago
deno_runtime is probably the best bet -- you should be able to provide the TypescriptModuleLoader from the ts_module_loader example to give it near-full functionality. If we can expose more functionality from the CLI by moving into runtime, we can definitely look at that.
rocketll8mo ago
I tried the deno_runtime approach, but it’s missing quite a bit. Getting [JT]SX? evaluation with local imports is pretty easy, but the hard part is getting feature parity with the Deno CLI: things like remote modules, npm support, HMR, etc is quite complex. Keeping up with upstream is pretty hard too. My initial attempt is here:
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rocketll8mo ago
Are there any plans to make the deno crate a library crate? Refactoring and exposing deno::tools::* as a library doesn’t seem too hard at first glance since everything is structured pretty nicely. One would need to fork the entire project to use parts of the Deno CLI currently as I understand