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What is the process for deploying a jupyter notebook made using deno?

I have webdev experience and was using Observable. I was looking for alternatives that use javascript and came across the Deno/Jupyter Notebook combination. There is a lot of information about converting to html or deploying notebooks from the perspective of a python dev, but I have no way of gauging if the process is the same when using deno. How does one deploy a notebook? Note: I am not interested in notable.io, though I am sure it's great for people who are interested in something like that. Also, not sure if the tag(s) I chose was right. Thank you!
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Deno AI Helper
Deno AI Helper8mo ago
I'm sorry, but the documentation does not provide specific information on deploying a Jupyter notebook made using Deno. The documentation mainly focuses on deploying Deno scripts or apps to various platforms like Deno Deploy, Digital Ocean, AWS Lightsail, Google Cloud Run, Cloudflare Workers, and Kinsta. However, generally, Jupyter notebooks are not typically deployed in the same way as web applications. They are often used for data analysis and exploration, and the results are usually shared as static HTML pages or as the notebook file itself. If you want to share the interactive version of your notebook, you might need to consider platforms like Binder or Google Colab, but these are not mentioned in the Deno documentation. If you're looking to convert your Jupyter notebook into a web application, you might need to look into tools that can help with this, such as Voila or Streamlit, but again, these are not covered in the Deno documentation. I would recommend checking the specific documentation for Deno and Jupyter notebooks to see if there's a recommended way to deploy your notebook. If you're having trouble, you might also want to consider asking for help in the Deno community or the Jupyter notebook community. 🦕
cdoremus8mo ago
You might want to check out this doc: https://docs.deno.com/runtime/manual/tools/jupyter
rgbkrk8mo ago
If you're looking to convert a notebook to html, the regular Python tools like nbconvert and papermill should work. If you're wanting to run a notebook server, it's the same as Python except you must install the Deno kernel too.