Is there any way to disable Deno's Intellisense feature without disabling Deno itself?

When programming with Deno, I've noticed how relatively slow the lang server is, and I need intellisense because I suck at typing and love when I can just press tab and autocomplete what I need. With Deno's server speeds, I can't do that. Can I disable Deno's intellisense and use base TypeScript intellisense? might just be me tbh
DAHDeno AI Helper11/14/2023
According to the documentation, when you enable Deno in your workspace, the built-in TypeScript/JavaScript extension in VSCode is muted. This means that the built-in Intellisense feature provided by VSCode for TypeScript/JavaScript is replaced by the Deno Language Server's capabilities. However, the documentation also mentions the ability to partially enable Deno in a workspace. This is done using the "Deno: Enable Paths" option or the "deno.enablePaths" setting if you're manually editing. This allows you to specify sub-paths in your workspace where Deno will be enabled, while code outside those paths will not be Deno-enabled and will use the built-in JavaScript/TypeScript language server from VSCode. So, if you want to use the base TypeScript Intellisense in certain parts of your project, you could configure your workspace such that those parts are not included in the "deno.enablePaths" setting. This way, those parts of your project will not be Deno-enabled and will use the built-in TypeScript Intellisense from VSCode. Remember to always keep your Deno and VSCode extensions up to date, as improvements are continuously being made to enhance the performance and usability of these tools. 🦕
ABAltair 680b11/14/2023
have you checked your editor.quickSuggestionsDelay in settings.json?
ye its set to 10 fixed now, tysm
@table what value did u use?

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