How to get the nice Deno console.log format into a string?

When I do a console.log on an instantiated class object, I get a beautiful format in the terminal, thanks to Deno. How would I get that same nice Deno format into a string? When I do obj.toString(), I just get the standard Javascript [object Object].
I'm not sure if that formatting is exposed to us. Maybe it's internal to Deno What you can do is JSON.stringify(obj). Not the same output as console.log, but better than .toString()
Try Deno.inspect(myObj) which returns a string in the same format as console.log(myObj)
Oh I didn't know that one. Nice
Oh my goodness, that is so incredibly awesome. Thank you so much!
And if you want to make your own deno inspect use yourObj[Symbol.for("Deno.inspect")] = someFunc

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