Running LLaMA on Deno

Hello! I use Deno to run my apps on the edge, what Deno solution or other provider would be ideal to run a quantized LLaMA instance? Deno Deploy is against machine learning (even premium tiers?), so what can we use instead to run the llama model?
DAHDeno AI Helper11/7/2023
I'm sorry, but the documentation does not provide specific information about running a quantized LLaMA instance on Deno or any alternative solutions for this use case. Deno is great for running JavaScript and TypeScript at the edge, and it's particularly well-suited for use cases like middleware, API servers, and full websites. However, the documentation does not mention support for machine learning models or instances like LLaMA. If you're looking to run machine learning models, you might need to consider other platforms that are more tailored to these kinds of workloads. However, please note that this advice is not based on the documentation's opinion. 🦕

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