jd8mo ago

Occasional very slow isolate start times

I have a Vue.js app (using Vite) project with a few edge functions running on Deno Deploy. What I'm seeing is that though most page loads are fast, once in a while it will take 4-5s to load the main page. Checking logs, I think the cause is that 'isolate start time' varies wildly from 300ms to 3000ms. I don't understand how it can vary this much - is this expected? Could this be caused by my setup somehow? How do I debug this?
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cknight8mo ago
Highly inconsistent isolate start times · Issue #505 · denoland/dep...
Problem description This isn't necessarily a bug report per se, but isolate start times seem slower than previously and much more variable. What factors affect the isolate start time in Deploy?...