CLI prompt consistent with Deno CLI

I want to make outputs of my CLI tools look consistent with Deno CLI. Is there a rust crate to do that? If not, which source code should I refer to?
DAHDeno AI Helper11/4/2023
The documentation does not provide a specific Rust crate for making your CLI tools' outputs look consistent with the Deno CLI. However, it does mention several modules and frameworks that can be used to build command-line interfaces with Deno, such as yargs, cliffy, denomander, tui, terminal_images, cliui, chalk, figlet.js, and dax. If you want to make your CLI output look like Deno's, you might want to look at Deno's own source code. The documentation does not provide a direct link to the specific part of the Deno source code that handles CLI output, but you can find the entire Deno source code on GitHub. Please note that this information is not explicitly stated in the documentation, so you might want to explore these resources and see if they meet your needs. 🦕

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