PyCharm notebooks syntax highlight

Hello. I have set up Deno to work with pycharm. I am able to run a jupyter server with Deno kernel selected. Cells execute correctly. One issue I have is that I don't have syntax highlight and autocompletion. Javascript and Typscript plugins are installed and working in .js and .ts files. Is there any other plugin or setting I am missing? I have installed and used Deno kernel in VS Code without any issues. But I definitely prefer pycharm. Thanks for your help!
DAHDeno AI Helper10/20/2023
Based on the documentation, JetBrains IDEs, including PyCharm, can support Deno by installing the official Deno plugin. However, the documentation does not provide specific information about syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Jupyter notebooks in PyCharm when using Deno. It's worth noting that the Deno plugin for JetBrains IDEs is designed to provide support for Deno in .ts and .js files, and it might not extend this support to Jupyter notebooks. If you've already installed the Deno plugin and you're still not seeing syntax highlighting and autocompletion in your Jupyter notebooks, it's possible that this is a limitation of the current plugin's capabilities in PyCharm. I would recommend reaching out to the plugin's maintainers or the JetBrains support for more specific guidance. 🦕
Thank you for the great answer! I have the plugin installed and it does not help for the syntax. Thanks again. I'll reach Jetbrains support.

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