NPM package randomly broke

I've been using the imagekit package for my fresh project, and it's been working fine since I installed it. For some reason, now whenever I run deno task start it outputs a bunch of errors:
No description
feel free to look over the changes I made that seems to be causing this: https://github.com/Wave-Studio/Events/commit/90e089cfc62e154b72b0fa9f2a0e17e9220b7223
I'll take another look at it tmrw but I cannot pinpoint what the issue is
for anyone that wants to look through this error log, here it is: https://hastebin.com/share/menaloneki.bash
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DAHDeno AI Helper10/5/2023
I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the imagekit package. However, without more specific information about the errors you're encountering, it's difficult for me to provide a precise solution. Here are a few general debugging steps you can take: 1. Check the error messages: The error messages can provide clues about what's going wrong. They might point to a specific line of code or a specific operation that's failing. 2. Check the package version: Make sure you're using a version of the imagekit package that's compatible with your current version of Deno. You can check the package version in your package.json file. 3. Check your permissions: Deno is secure by default, meaning it doesn't have access to things like the network or the file system unless you explicitly grant it. If the imagekit package needs to access these things, you'll need to run your script with the appropriate flags (like --allow-net or --allow-read). 4. Try reinstalling the package: Sometimes, issues can be resolved by simply reinstalling the package. You can do this by deleting the package from your package.json file, running deno cache --reload to clear Deno's cache, and then reinstalling the package. 5. Check if the package uses Node.js-specific APIs: Deno is not completely compatible with Node.js. If the imagekit package uses Node.js-specific APIs, it might not work correctly in Deno. The documentation states that Deno has a compatibility layer for some Node.js APIs, but it's not complete. If none of these steps help, could you please provide more details about the errors you're seeing? That would help me assist you better. 馃
Strange Errors On Start 路 Issue #1856 路 denoland/fresh
This just randomly started showing up when I run my fresh site, i'm not sure where to start. It seems to have something to do with the NPM packages being used by some supporting deno modules. L...
seems like it had to do with use camalCase for a file name. wierd

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