interaction_endpoint_url: couldn't be verified

KSB"Kin" suka bakso9/30/2023
I'm trying to create an http interactions bot using deno deploy, but sometimes my url fails to be verified https://github.com/k1iin/kiaaa/blob/7056ee61e69fe10cf3912fe9bdc8237247fedc2c/structures/client.ts#L37
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DAHDeno AI Helper9/30/2023
I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your interaction endpoint URL. Based on the documentation, there are a few things you could check: 1. Correct URL: Make sure that the URL you're using is the correct one. After deploying your server, the project URL should be noted. It will be on the upper right hand side of the editor, and end in .deno.dev. 2. Correctly Configured Discord Application: Ensure that you've correctly configured your Discord application to use your URL as the interactions endpoint URL. This involves going back to your application page on the Discord Developer Portal and filling the INTERACTIONS ENDPOINT URL field with the Deno Deploy project URL. 3. Correctly Handling Requests: Your server should be correctly handling POST requests from Discord. When Discord sends a POST request, it includes a type field. If the type is 1, it's a Ping and you should respond with a Pong. If the type is 2, it's an ApplicationCommand interaction, which means a user has issued a command. 4. Signature Verification: The server should verify that the request is coming from Discord. This involves checking the X-Signature-Ed25519 and X-Signature-Timestamp headers that Discord includes with every request. If you've checked all of these and you're still having issues, it might be helpful to add some logging to your server to see if you can get more information about what's going wrong. 🦕

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