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https://vuepress-theme-yuu.netlify.app/, what is the closest thing to that which can be run on Fresh? It is for an SSG, which means the website is the theme. Another example of it is https://harmony.mod.land/ I don't really want to use such a restrictive SSG. But idk. How can I have the markdown stuff like that? For a blog. With file-based renders. And a navigation system. And also, perhaps a search function.
An easy to use, advanced Discord API library, for Deno.
Basically, what I want is like an SSG. But not an SSG. I want the fresh style routes. For markdown files. But I will struggle with all the styles and search and stuff. So is there a way to do this without me doing it?
DAHDeno AI Helper9/22/2023
Based on the documentation, Fresh is a modern web framework that supports server-side rendering and islands architecture. It's designed to be used with TypeScript and doesn't require a build step. It's also designed to be deployed to an edge runtime like Deno Deploy for the best experience. For creating a blog with Fresh, the documentation provides a guide on "How to Build a Blog with Fresh". This guide shows how to build a markdown blog with Fresh and deploy it to the edge with Deno Deploy. It includes creating a new Fresh app, updating the directory structure, writing a dummy blog post, and deploying to the edge. For a navigation system, Fresh uses a filesystem routing system similar to Next.js. This means that the structure of your pages directory corresponds to the routes of your application. As for a search function, the documentation does not provide explicit information on how to implement this. However, since Fresh is a full-stack framework, you should be able to implement a search function using standard web development techniques. For file-based renders, Fresh supports this as well. In the "How to Build a Blog with Fresh" guide, it shows how Fresh retrieves data from a filesystem, which it renders into HTML, all on the server. However, the documentation does not provide explicit information on how to create a website that looks exactly like the VuePress theme you linked. You would need to use CSS and possibly other frontend technologies to style your Fresh application to look like that theme. As for the second example you provided, it seems to be a Discord clone built with Harmony. Fresh could potentially be used to build a similar application, but the documentation does not provide a specific guide on how to do this. In conclusion, while Fresh
DAHDeno AI Helper9/22/2023
provides a lot of the functionality you're looking for, you may need to do some additional work to style your application and implement certain features like a search function. 🦕

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