Extremely high CPU usage in Windows running on Intel Pentium processor

I have a simple app (about 300 lines of code, few deps). I compile it into a Windows executable. When I run this exec. on any newer processor (I tried AMD Ryzen 5 and Intel Core i7) it works fine and the CPU usage is never higher than 0.1%, but when I run it on an older Intel Pentium processor it shoots up to about 40% which is crazy. RAM usage doesn't change. Any ideas?
DAHDeno AI Helper9/15/2023
I'm sorry to hear about the high CPU usage you're experiencing on the Intel Pentium processor. However, the documentation doesn't provide specific information on how Deno's performance varies across different processors or why you might be experiencing this issue. It's worth noting that Deno is designed to be efficient and performant, but the actual performance can depend on a variety of factors, including the specific hardware it's running on, the operating system, and the nature of the application itself. Here are a few general debugging steps you could take: 1. Profiling: Deno provides tools for profiling your application. This could help you identify if there are specific parts of your code that are causing the high CPU usage. 2. Benchmarking: You could use Deno's built-in benchmarking tool to measure the performance of different parts of your application. This might help you identify any performance bottlenecks. 3. Code Review: Review your code to ensure there are no infinite loops or other resource-intensive operations that could be causing the high CPU usage. 4. Dependencies: Check your dependencies to see if they could be causing the issue. It's possible that a third-party library is not optimized for the older Intel Pentium processor. Remember, these are general suggestions and aren't directly supported by the documentation. If the issue persists, you might want to consider reaching out to the Deno community or the maintainers of any third-party libraries you're using for more specific advice.
Maybe it helps if you compaire the overal performance of the CPI`s itself? A Ryzen 5 or I7 is way more performant than a Pentium
Can you post the geekbench single-core specs for the old pentium and your new processors? It might just be a fairly underpowered CPU.
I don't have access to the Pentium CPU now but it can run Windows 10 and a lot of programs that take way more CPU power than my little app When I compiled the executable on the Pentium computer directly it didn't change anything no difference from compiling it on my computer

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