does Deno vscode support nesting `deno.json`?

NTĐăng Tú9/8/2023
There is a project I'm working on has nesting deno.json files. The parent deno.json is a bit outdated and the child is what I need to work with. However, Deno plugin of vscode doesn't recognize the closet deno.json to the current file I work on. I tried to enable Deno Enable Paths but it didn't work as expect. Is there anyway to solve this problem?
Did you think of vscode workspaces? You can define the path to (and name of) deno.json in the .vscode/settings.json and if you are using workspaces you can just use different settings in this subdirectory
NTĐăng Tú9/8/2023
The current repo is a vscode workspace. It is designed to contain multiple modules, each module has their own deno.json, and in the top (the repo/workspace), is another deno.json So if I use workspace inside each module, I might have to jump between workspaces quite much :? But I think you are right, mini workspaces seems like a good solution for now. I just have to ignore children .vscode (so git can commit as usual) and everything is good to use

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