fresh.gen.ts blank

hey folks. I've been using fresh for a while as a hobbist. Recently started a new project using the suggested deno run -A -r https://fresh.deno.dev fresh-site fresh.gen.ts is created as expected with boilerplate config. However upon deno task start the regenerated completely empty and complains that the file does not contain a "default export" , although the cli correctly identifies the 5 routes and 1 islands. Anyone experiencing this? using windows 11 command prompt ( also tried as Administator ) fresh version 1.4.2 OK, perhaps a stupid mistake, although an error messsage about compatilitity might be useful, deno version 1.31.0 upgraded to 1.36.4 seems to have fixed the issue attempted to mark "solution" but apparently not enabled in this channel, so apologies to admin if i have not closed this correctly

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