Compiled binary from Cross-Platform CLI example will not work

Going through https://deno.com/blog/build-cross-platform-cli and running the output file, I get
Symbol not found: _sqlite3_unlock_notify
Symbol not found: _sqlite3_unlock_notify
in MacOS. what am i missing here?
You might need to run with --unstable
Already compiling with --unstable, just like the given code block in the page. And without compiling, running the main.ts directly (deno run) it works
Are you on the latest version?
yes. i just installed to try out Deno for the first time after reading this blog.. however things seem not to be working
@outofroutine did you install via brew?
yes correct
can you install with the curl script, and try again? there is a bug with the brew build that will hopefully be fixed next release
that indeed helped! thanks a lot @lucacasonato

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