palmik11mo ago

`deno run` as a library

deno run does a lot of useful things behind the scenes, many of which are not exposed as a library, but are instead in the binayry-only crate. Thinkgs like npm-resolution, fetching & caching, etc. Is there some official or active community effort to make these components accessible in the form of a library?
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Testersen™11mo ago
deno_emit and deno_bundle
palmik11mo ago
I looked into emit, and it's Rust API is incomplete, and the JS API does not support NPM import ( Deno bundle is, as far as I understand, no longer maintained.
Rust API? · Issue #132 · denoland/deno_emit
While this crate provides nice JS API and Rust library, the Rust library seems to be missing several crucial dependencies, for example ones that would allow you to bundle modules with remote import...