gameel11mo ago


When using BroadcastChannel api, in the background does deno send the broadcast to every instance or only instance that shares the same channel ? For example if I have a million running websocket clients, each listening to a unique channel then I send a message to a specific channel name will all the million instances get the request but ignore it or only the one with the same channel name ?
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ioB11mo ago
the short answer is, only the one with the same channel name I had the same question a while back and luca confirmed this behavior let me see if I can try to find it
Kyiro11mo ago
Support cross process BroadcastChannel · Issue #10750 · denoland/de...
Follow-up to #10354 This will require some prerequisite work: handle origin scoping correctly, and add origin as property of message figure out how to do IPC between processes - likely the best way...
Kyiro11mo ago
this is the issue tracking it