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Astro + Deno - Remote Imports

First of all thanks a lot for the nice template, it looks great !! I followed the guide posted here https://deno.com/blog/astro-on-deno and now I'm trying to test the remote import feature https://deno.land/manual@v1.36.3/basics/modules#remote-import. Currently it only works in the astro.config.js file but once I want to use it on a page it wont work. Following error is thrown : Cannot find module 'https://x.nest.land/ramda@0.27.0/source/index.js' imported from '.../deno-astro/src/pages/index.astro' Here is the example using the template available on github : https://github.com/p1p3/deno-astro/commit/6cc1af4d3c33a76ba9bdddadbc3548575425b205 Is this behaviour expected or is something planned for the future ? Thanks in advance!
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